Brief is all about fast and friendly web search results. Rather than focus on finding the most obscure pages on the web, we focus on providing the best quality results - which means we need your help! We have a simple mechanism for getting listed with us and are always looking to expand our database with quality entries! Send any feedback you have to!

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    SearchHippo is the exclusive hobby project of Kevin Marcus. As of Jan, 2003 am currently CTO for Intelius, a startup in the public records space. Prior to that, I cofounded where I built most of the underlying database and integration technologies (observe the 'kevdb' and 'kevxml' in infospace urls for fun). I attended the University of California at Riverside, where I created the OKRA net.citizen directory service (circa 1996), an email directory lookup service. During that time I was also a developer for Symantec's Norton-Anti Virus (including laying the foundation for their Antivirus research center). I am also author to several issued patents in the software and internet space.


    SearchHippo's technology uses a highly scalable "ground up" search engine written designed for maximum performance while still providing relevant link info. Based on a 64-bit architecture, performance is what we deliver! Our core backend is 100% specialized C/C++ code, and is not based on any other database libraries (such as gdbm, db, or *sql). SearchHippo also incorporates an adult content blocker such that links with adult information only appear when the user is looking for these types of pages. If you are a techie nut, here is a quick brief on the SearchHippo Architecture

    For additional information about how our search works, stop words, phrases, domain restriction and image searches, please see our Search Tips page.

    You can also get more information on SearchHippo's ranking techniques in the Search Engine Optimization section


    Rather than attempt to index the entire web, the SearchHippo spider (named "fluffy", after a pet tarantella) instead is first seeded with sites that are currently listed on the larger directories on the internet (such as the Open Directory - where I happily am also an editor for the Search Engines category). We then decend a few link levels lower on these sites to create our index. Results from the spidered sites are ordered based on a variety of factors include link-to frequency, clicked-on frequency, and URL directory depth.

    While SearchHippo does not claim to index the entire internet, we do claim to index the "important internet", or the places that most people are looking to find in the first place. An added benefit is that since our index is much smaller than some of the other search engines, it is much easier to keep our index up to date with fresh information. This is not a limit of the technology, but rather where we prefer to focus our index.

    Of course, we welcome new link submissions and let you decide which keywords you want. Use this form to create a free listing.

    Here are some pictures of our data center ("The den"). Warning - the pictures here are big! (5 x 50K+ each)

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