Last updated: May 21, 2002

  • How can I tell if my site is listed?
    You can always check whether or not your free keyword listings appear by simply entering the url to your site in the search box. If nothing comes up, you're probably not listed.

  • Why doesn't my free keyword listing appear?
    Did you activate your account? We require email verification to help limit abuse. If you did not receive an email from us when you set up your account and you didn't activate your account with the url in the email, you must first do so before your account will become active. You can recover your password if you have lost it which will also resend your email validation.

  • I entered my URL and still don't show up. Why won't you list me?
    SearchHippo employs a screening technology to help separate sites with adult content. The only time sites which are categorized as adult are display is when the query submitted appears to be looking specifically for adult content.

  • I see my listing with the URL, but my keywords don't work
    First you should verify that you are looking for the right words. SearchHippo only display your listing with the keywords you have chosen, entered exactly, with comma separation. For example, "golden retriever dogs collar" and "golden retriever, dogs, collar" are very different. The first expects the user to type in all the terms exactly. The second will show the listing only when there is a query on "golden retriever", "dogs", or "collar", but not on a query for "dog" or "golden retrieve dogs".

  • I entered my keywords correctly, but I still don't show up.
    Due to space constraints, SearchHippo displays at most five Searchapottomouses links - the area of the screen where you will appear. In the event a keyword becomes clogged by many users, we rotate u through, five at a time.

  • SearchHippo claims to have a lot of queries, but I don't ever see any traffic from you.
    Aside from the obvious issues around keyword selection, SearchHippo has several different distribution mechanisms. The free keyword listings only appear on traffic direct to, or about 10% of the total distribution. These results do not get syndicated through the XML feed. Furthermore, partners who do use the XML feed will show up in your HTTP referrer logs as coming from their site, not You should investigate and/or use tags in your urls to help make tracking easier.

  • Does SearchHippo have any pay-per-click results?
    SearchHippo will show up to five listings from These listings are not in the XML feed several different distribution mechanisms. These paid listings only appear on traffic direct to, or about 10% of the total distribution. These results do not get syndicated through the XML feed.

  • Can I get into the bigger distribution set?
    Currently the only way to get into the XML feed is if the SearchHippo spider, Fluffy, finds it's way to your site. We are currently exploring possibilities here.

  • Can I view reports for my listing?
    Not yet.

  • Where is SearchHippo's privacy policy?
    SearchHippo's privacy policy is available here.
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