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Many opportunities are available to partner with SearchHippo at all sorts of levels. We can provide:

  • Search engine backfill - If you need to expand your current search engine offerings, you can easily integrate searchhippo results at no cost. Great for "pay for placement" search engines! Developers can use the information on this page to get started today!
  • Trusted feeds - If you have many categories on your site and would like them to be appropriately indexed, we can arrange for our spider to walk these pages to ensure they are in our index!
  • MetaSearch - Since our platform uses a unique approach to ranking results, we can enhance any metasearch engine with our super fast results. Again, developers can use the information on this page to get started today!
  • Localized search results - Our domain name restriction capability allows searchhippo to search within just the domains you specify! For example, if you have a site focused on the Netherlands, we can restrict search results to only ".nl" domains!
  • Limited CoBrand - SearchHippo offers a limited form of cobranding whereby your logo and color scheme are maintained. We serve the results pages. If you want more control, one of the methods below enables you to control just about everything.
  • Advertising - We offer competitive banner rates which can be specialized to your campaign needs.

  • Site Enhancement - SearchHippo was the first search engine to offer it's services via XML for free to everyone, including sample source code. Check out our web services for all sorts of developer stuff!

    You can also add a link with keywords.

    If you are interested in something new or have any suggestions, please send email to: info@searchhippo.com!

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